“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan

Great accomplishments in business and sport are normally generated from a collaborative team effort and the performance of each individual member within a team is critical for success.  We have identified 5 key elements that make a great team member.

1. Show True Commitment

Great team players are committed to the cause. Good team players might make sure they are in the office, and yes that is important, but what makes them great is the time they spend being productive and contributing. A great team player is constantly reliable day in and day out, not just some of the time. You can count on them to get the job done, meet deadlines, keep their word and provide quality work. They make every effort to achieve excellence.

2. Honesty

They are honest with their work colleagues, their leaders and themselves. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but when people try to pass the blame, failures can occur.  Always be honest about achievements as well as shortcomings.

3. Are adaptable

In this day and age adaptability is a requirement for employees. A willingness to learn new information, pick up new skills and make changes is important. They are flexible to the situations thrown their way, and they participate and tackle challenges without showing too many signs of stress or pressure.

4. Offer more than is expected of them

Does more than asked. While getting the work done and doing your fair share is expected of good team players, great team players know that stepping outside their comfort zones and coming up with creative ideas is important. Taking on more responsibilities and extra initiative sets them apart from others on the team.

5. Positive and persistent

Keeping a positive attitude and persevering even when things aren’t going your way, rubs off on your colleagues and can help to create a productive upbeat workplace atmosphere. A positive mindset can have a great impact on your team, can motivate others and help increase output.

By Andre Elcham 28/08/2020

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