When hiring we find that employers are obsessed with the costs and speed of hire, but they largely ignore the goal, making the best possible hire and doing it in a way that gives candidates a professional and caring experience.

The candidate experience directly affects the quality of employees your business attracts. If you do not respond to individuals in a timely manner, if candidates don’t feel valued when they come in for an interview, you’re less likely to hire the ideal person for the job. The company’s reputation starts with a good candidate experience and has a flow on effect on interpersonal relations within the office. We are in an age where word spreads quickly through social media when a candidate has a bad interview experience, so it is best to strictly maintain a culture of professionalism and friendliness during all stages of contact.

Let me make this point very clear to hiring managers, it is never a good sign when candidates have to follow up multiple times to see whether you’re still considering them. It reflects poorly on the company, as well as the individual manager who had contact with the person. It’s generally expected to respond within 1-2 weeks to a candidate with a message stating whether they are moving to the next round of the hiring process. Even if the number of applicants is too high to reply to each one individually, you can schedule a series of automated messages if need be, that makes the company’s hiring process more visible.

At HRA we believe that exceptional candidate care will leave a lasting impression, enhance your brand’s reputation, and guarantee ongoing loyalty and respect. Additionally, your business will reap the rewards of future candidate referrals and new business opportunities.

“I am convinced that although training and development are important, recruitment and selection are much more important” Stephen R Covey author of Seven Habits of Highly Effect People

By Andre Elcham 24/07/2020

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